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NAD+ IV Therapy

(NAD+) is a universal cellular electron transporter and a signaling molecule found in every cell that declines as we age. It helps repair DNA and reduces symptoms of chronic illness and inflammation. Increasing your intake of NAD+ can improve your metabolism, reduce cravings, and enhance your energy levels, sleep and performance. NAD+ regenerates glutathione and offers mood support by reducing stress responses. NAD+ IV therapy allows you to immediately experience a positive impact on many anti-aging properties to make you look and feel younger. Infusion takes 2-4 hours.


This is an all-inclusive drip to give you everything you want. 1 Liter of hydration includes your favorite Vitality Flow Signature Drip with Glutathione plus NAD, and all the Boosters! The ultimate Anti-aging Immunity & Weight loss package to help boost metabolism & mood, repair DNA and recharge your energy. The total package to optimize health, hydration & happiness! You choose a high or low dose of NAD.

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