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Diet & Detox
(Athletic Performance)

Diet & Detox (Athletic Performance)

Service Description

Your ultimate weight loss and fat burning enhancement for your diet. Kickstart your weight loss journey, decrease cravings, and boost energy levels with this potent formula. The D&D infusion not only replenishes fluids but also enhances athletic performance and detoxifies your body to optimize your goals. 

Key Benefits:​

Burn fat & increase metabolism

Increase you energy & reduce inflammation

Detox and hydrate your body


Key nutrients:  500 cc (1 bag) of an electrolyte solution of Normal Saline, B-complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6), Taurine and a B12 Skinny shot (B12, L-Carnitine, Methionine, Choline, Inositol), 

Recommended add on: Glutathione (detox)

                                          NAD shot (metabolism/reduce food cravings)

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