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Pharmanex's ReishiMax GLp® is a proprietary extract of Reishi mushroom that has been standardized for potency and effectiveness. ReishiMax GLp® supports your body's own natural immune system by supporting the activity of your antibodies and Natural Killer Cells. Pharmanex's proprietary and uniquely effective cracked-spore technology unlocks reishi's active ingredient making ReishiMax GLp® highly bioavailable. Cracked mushroom spores provide unique immune activity not found in other reishi products.

Pharmanex has developed an exclusive multi-step extraction process that increases the yield and concentration of active ingredients. Most reishi products only use one extraction process, which results in a product with lower concentrations of active ingredients, and often lacks the triterpene compounds. This exclusive technology detaches additional polysaccharides from the cell walls. The resulting product, ReishiMax GLp®, is standardized to 6% triterpenes and 13.5% polysaccharides, which is the highest level of actives currently available in a Reishi product.


No Approved Therapeutic Claims

Reishi- Immunity

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