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What's the difference between an IV Drip, Booster and Shot?

What's the difference between an IV Drip, Booster, and Shot?

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IV  Drips

An IV drip involves placing a small tube called a catheter into your vein.  The selected vitamins and nutrients are mixed in a bag of hydrating electrolyte solution of either saline or lactated ringers.


IV Drips deliver nutrients directly to your bloodstream, bypassing the gut, and allowing for almost complete absorption of vitamins and other nutrients to your system. This is the fastest and most effective way to hydrate and absorb nutrients, therefore maximizing your nutritional benefits.  


IV Drips infuse over 30-45 minutes.  NAD infusions infuse over 2-4 hours.



Our boosters are formulated to enhance your overall well-being, aiming to maximize outcomes and tailor benefits and experience to meet your unique needs.   We prioritize the customization of your well-being journey, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience for optimal results.

Booster Benefits 

Benefits may include fat loss, exercise performance & recovery, blood pressure & blood sugar control, decreasing anxiety, hair, skin and nail health, improving immunity, recovery from colds and flu, combating aging with DNA repair, improved energy, Increase in metabolism, mood support, pain relief, nausea & vomiting relief, and weight management.


Booster Administration 

Various nutrients are specifically formulated to be added to into your IV Drip. Some may require additional time to infuse depending on the IV drip.  Other nutrients are formulated for intramuscular shots given either in your gluteal muscle or your arm. Certain nutrients offer the flexibility of administration through both methods. Booster VitaShots are a great option when you are short on time, Vitamins to go!  

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