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Vitaglow Advanced Medical Facials

Vitaflow - Aestethics

Vitaglow Advanced
Medical Facials

Service Description

Elevate your skincare experience to new heights with a VITAGLOW Advanced Facial. 

This enhanced treatment incorporates additional benefits of Radiofrequency Skin Tightening, Lymphatic Drainage and Mesotherapy deep hydrating Vitamin Infusion for unparalleled results by building on the foundation of the Standard Facial:

1. Steam Cleanse: Open pores with a soothing steam cleanse to prep for subsequent treatments. 

2. Fluid Hydrodermabrasion: Gently exfoliate with hydration to promote a smoother complexion.

3. Ultrasound Skin Peel: High-frequency vibrations deeply cleanse to remove impurities.

4. Vacuum Extractions remove excess oil from the pores, blackheads and whiteheads.

5. Cold Therapy: Cold therapy enhances the shedding of dead cells to reduce redness and puffiness for visible face lifting. Increases blood and lymph circulation, decreases pigmentation, and improves elastin production for radiant skin.

6. Oxygen Serum Infusion: Oxygen infusion provides soothing skin hydration with a flow of vitamins and antioxidants to stimulate skin turnover, boost collagen, and increase elasticity for a smoother youthful appearance. (Neck & Décolleté included).

An Advanced Facial offers advanced technologies for advanced results.

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening: Our advanced radiofrequency technology reaches the dermal layers of skin to boost collagen and elastin production and, resulting in tighter and firmer skin. This addresses the early signs of aging and can improve the appearance of loose or sagging skin.  An alternative to surgical procedures to resolve the onset of skin laxity.

Mesotherapy Vitamin Infusion: An advanced treatment for deep hydration and nourishment.  We use gentle pulses of electrical current, opening the pores for milliseconds to penetrate Vitamin and antioxidant serums into the cells and deeper dermal layer. This is like an IV Drip for your skin without any needles!

Lymphatic Drainage: Experience the benefits of lymphatic drainage. This technology aids in blood circulation and lymphatic flow to help detoxify the body by channeling toxins and wastes through the body's regular pathways of elimination.  Benefits include cleaner pores with fewer blackheads, reduced puffiness, and a toned jawline.

Add on's:  Red/Blue Light Therapy, Upper Lip & Eye Tightening Treatment 

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