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Medical Facials

Vitaflow - Aestethics

Vitaglow Standard Facial 

Service Description

Indulge in the pinnacle of skincare excellence with the VITAGLOW Medical Facials. Our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques promise your skin the royal treatment it deserves. This exceptional experience combines revolutionary modalities to comprehensively rejuvenate your skin, tackling concerns like clogged pores, dullness, pigmentation, and sagging skin. Tailored to meet your specific needs, this treatment is suitable for all skin types, including sensitivities. Elevate your skincare routine with the personalized care your skin craves. (Neck & Décolleté included).


1. Steam Cleanse: Open pores with a soothing steam cleanse to prep for subsequent treatments.

2. Fluid Hydrodermabrasion: Gently rejuvenate and exfoliate with hydration to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote a smoother complexion.

3. Ultrasound Skin Peel: High-frequency vibrations deeply cleanse and exfoliate, dislodging debris and impurities.

4. Vacuum Extractions: Expert extractions remove excess oil from the pores and stubborn blackheads and whiteheads by deep-cleaning the skin.

5. Cold Therapy: Cold therapy enhances the shedding of dead cells to reduce redness and puffiness for visible face lifting. Increases blood and lymph circulation, decreases pigmentation, and improves elastin production for radiant skin.

6. Oxygen Serum Infusion: Oxygen infusion provides soothing skin hydration with a flow of vitamins and antioxidants to stimulate skin turnover, boost collagen, and increase elasticity for a smoother youthful appearance.

Add on's: Red/Blue Light Therapy, Upper Lip & Eye Tightening Treatment 

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